Meidän Soitin


MEIDÄN SOITIN is a group started by Finnish musician Mikko Kosonen. The group collects instruments, and distributes them to places that work with people with the desire to play but lack the instruments to do so!

The first donations will be made on February 9, from 15:00 onwards in Cultural Arena Gloria in Helsinki, where musicians Anssi Kela, Maija Vilkkumaa and Samuli Putro (among others) will perform a free gig and donate instruments from their private collection.

If you are looking to donate an instrument to the cause, please contact PS! The instruments must work to be accepted as a donation.

If you represent a place in need of instruments, please fill the following form:

If you have problems with filling the form please contact

We’ll be accepting instrument donations and handing them out till the end of March.

With kind regards,
Nils-Erik Ekblom
Culture Manager
Meidän Soitin/Nuorisoasiainkeskus